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The Effects category includes a handful of symbols from Mystcraft that do not fit elsewhere. Some of them duplicate instability effects, but using them can also make the world more stable. They are primarily used to accept a known effect to reduce or eliminate other instability effects. Unlike other categories, none of these are required, and none will be randomly inserted by the grammar.

Stabilizing handicaps

The color can be specified by a Gradient.
Scorched Surface
All entities exposed to the sky will be regularly set on fire.
Spawns meteors that strike the Age's surface. This will eventually destroy the Age.
Spontaneous Explosions
This will eventually destroy anything not made of obsidian or blocks of a similar hardness, and they can occur inside blastproof structures.


This gives the Age extra block ticks, speeding plant growth and other processes. It also counts as "greedy", and causes a fair bit of instability.
Sets the world as a no-PvP zone. May not be available in single-player.
Clear Modifiers
In earlier versions, this would completely remove any dangling modifiers. Currently it merely minimizes the instability they can cause.