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Earth Guardian
ModArs Magica 2
TypeHostile monster

The Earth Guardian is a boss mob added by Ars Magica 2 (AM2). It appears as a levitating stone golem with slowly rotating pillars underneath.

The Arcane Compendium unlocks the page at Magic Level 15, but recommends that the player should be at a Magic Level of at least 25 before fighting the Guardian.

AM2 bosses cannot be cloned via MineFactory Reloaded's Auto-Spawner or captured via Safari Net.


The Earth Guardian can be summoned by placing a 3x3 Obsidian platform with Chiseled Stone Bricks in the center. On top of the Obsidian, build an Iron Inlay ring. Off of each side, on the same level as the inlays, place a Vinteum Torch. To summon the Earth Guardian, throw in a Blue Topaz, an Emerald, and a Chimerite. Upon summoning, the Earth Guardian cleaves out a large area of the surrounding blocks.


The Earth Guardian is invulnerable to Fire Damage of all types and is extremely resistant to all physical attacks. It attacks by attacking the player at close range or by throwing stone projectiles.