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Current developersProfMobius
Supported Minecraft versions1.6.4
Depends onMobiusCore
IRC channel#MobiusStripconnect
Magic World 2
Tech World 2
Direwolf20 1.6.4

EVOC is a mod by ProfMobius. It requires the MobiusCore library to launch. EVOC stands for Extreme Vanilla Optimization Collection or Code. This mod aims to add server-side optimization to some vanilla tile entities: the Hopper, the Furnace, and the Monster Spawner. All three of these machines tend to decrease server tick rate if many of them are simultaneously working. It is designed to eliminate specific corner cases that can cause extreme tick lag. For example, in vanilla, if a Hopper is completely empty or completely full it can cause huge tick lag. The mod brings a reduces update time to 1/10 for idle Hoppers.

EVOC is incompatible with MCPC+.

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