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The ESD is a block added by Actually Additions. It is an advanced version of the Hopper. Within the GUI, the side used for its input and output can be configured. Additionally, the slot ranges in the inventory that are pulled from/pushed to by the ESD can be configured. One slot is added for an Item Filter. When added, the items in the Item Filter will be whitelisted in the ESD.


The ESD's name will randomly change, using the following names.

  • Ellpeck's Slot Device
  • Ethereal System Dude
  • Energy Stuff Distributor
  • Existing Stuff Donator
  • ExtraUtils Stealing Device
  • Experienced Sauce Deriver
  • Excellent Spaghetti Dessert
  • Extraordinary Sample Deliverer
  • Express Sending Doughnut
  • Expelling Sugar Dagger
  • Extra-Long Solidifying Dissociation
  • Energetic Solo Dancer
  • Efficient Sucking Dilettant
  • Extreme Sand Digger
  • Ending Serious Daughter


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