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Dwarf Rabbit

ModTwilight Forest
TypeNeutral monster
Health points3 (Heart.svgHalf Heart.svg)

The Dwarf Rabbit, or Forest Bunny prior to 3.8.689, is a passive animal from the Twilight Forest. It has 3 (Heart.svgHalf Heart.svg) health points and can be found in almost all of the biomes in the Twilight Forest dimension. When slain, Dwarf Rabbits drop Rabbit Hide, Raw Rabbit or Cooked Rabbit if it died while on fire, or a Rabbit's Foot on rare occasions. Dwarf Rabbits, unlike Rabbits, cannot be bred, but they can be tempted with Carrots, Golden Carrots, or Dandelions. It can come in three different fur patterns.

Several Dwarf Rabbits in a Twilight Swamp.