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Drinking Helmet

Tooltip textCraft with a potion on either side.
Armor rating3 (Armor.svgHalf Armor.svg)

The Drinking Helmet is an armor piece from BetterStorage. It has 122 durability and 3 armor points. They can be found randomly as dungeon loot, and cannot be crafted. They are used to easily use two potions at the same time, with the ease of a hotkey, which defaults to F. This key can be changed in the Controls window. The potions will each be able to be used 12 times, but for only 1/12th of the effect, either from duration or strength. Using it multiple times will increase the power of the effect. As the tooltip describes, potions can be placed on the sides of the Drinking Helmet by crafting it with a potion on both sides of it, taking up 3x1 of the crafting grid. The potions will appear visually on the side of the helmet.