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This page is about the Steve's Carts Drill. For other uses, see Drill.

ModSteve's Carts
TypeSteve's Carts Module
Steve's Carts Properties
Compatible Hulls
Module typeTool
Tool typeDrill

Drill tool modules are used to tunnel into the earth. There are four types of drills; each with different speeds and bore sizes. Drills will dig through the earth so long as they have track to run on, so it is recommended to include a Railer on board. Drills, like all Tools take up the front slot of the minecart.


Drill Type Compatible Hulls Modular Cost Construction Time Durability Tunnel Size
Iron Drill

3 3 sec 50,000 3x3
Basic Drill

10 39 sec 300,000 3x3
Hardened Drill

45 18 min 8 sec 1,000,000 5x5
Galgadorian Drill

150 4 hr 15 min 22 sec Unbreakable 9x9

Time to Mine

Iron Drill
Basic Drill
Hardened Drill
Galgadorian Drill
1 sec 5 ticks 3 ticks 1 tick
3 sec 13 ticks 7 ticks 1 tick
6 sec 1 sec 13 ticks 1 tick
8 sec 2 sec 17 ticks 1 tick
10 sec 2 sec 1 sec 1 tick
Ender Chests
45 sec 9 sec 5 sec 1 tick
1 min 40 sec 20 sec 10 sec 1 tick
  • One tick is equal to approximately 1/20 of a second

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