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This page is about the Dragon Egg Energy Siphon added by GregTech 4. For other uses, see Dragon Egg Energy Siphon.
Dragon Egg Energy Siphon

ModGregTech 4
Max EU output128 EU/t

The Dragon Egg Energy Siphon is an Energy Units (EU) generator added by GregTech 4 which uses the energy contained inside the Dragon Egg to produce a constant output of 128 EU/t (1024 EU/t 1.5.2 & onward). In order to operate, the dragon egg needs to be placed on top. Any other surface will not work. If it functions the siphon will turn purple.

If the siphon is broken while active, it will explode, destroying the Dragon Egg.

Dragon Egg Energy Siphon.png


Anti Cheat

An anti-cheat measure added by Gregtech prevents the placement of more than one Dragon Egg at the time. Placing more will cause the Eggs to explode, taking the siphon with it. This can be disabled in the config files.

To do so go to /config/gregtech and open the gregtech.cfg and set the following:


This is recommended to do if Xeno's Reliquary is installed, since it mod adds a crafting recipe for the Dragon Egg.


  • If Thaumcraft 3 is installed, the siphon will generate a lot of flux as byproduct, until the 'Dangerous' flux level is reached.