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This page is about the Docking Station added by BuildCraft. For other uses, see Docking Station.
Docking Station

TypeSolid block

A simple control station for robots with a Wooden Transport Pipe, a Docking Station and a Emerald Gate.

The Docking Station is a block added by BuildCraft. On this station the Robots can be placed and it provides as interface between the robot and the Emerald Gate, to control the robot, as well as between robot and pipes for item transport. The docking station can be placed on every type of pipe along with a Emerald gate to setup a control station. This control station is needed for every robot to control his job and for robot-chest-interactions. A simple example of a control station is shown in the picture, where the robot is controlled by the Emerald Gate. The Wooden Transport Pipe allows the robot to take items out of the chest via the Docking Station. Also here the Emerald Gate controls this item exchange.