Divining Rod (ProjectE)

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This page is about the Divining Rods from ProjectE. For other uses, see Divining Rod.
Divining Rod

EMC valueLow: 12 EMC
Medium: 76 EMC
High: 1,740 EMC

The Divining Rods are tools added by ProjectE. They are used to provide the user with information on the EMC of the materials in the area.



The Divining Rod can be used to scan with the use key (right mouse button by default).

Tier Modes available Information

Short range Average EMC of blocks in area

Short and medium range Average EMC of blocks in area, and the highest EMC value in the area

Short, medium, and long range Average EMC of blocks in area, and top three EMC values in the area

Modes can be changed with the Change mode key (G by default).

Mode Area in blocks EMC usage
Short range 3x3x3 16
Medium range 16x3x3 32
Long range 64x3x3 64

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