Distillery (Witchery)

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This page is about the Distillery from Witchery. For other uses, see Distillery.


The Distillery is a machine from the Witchery mod. This machine is used to distill magical ingredients. This Distillery is powered by the magical power of an Altar, rather than heat. It must be placed within about 15 blocks of an Altar to use it's power. A small icon is shown in the GUI if there is no available power. One or two ingredients are distilled together into Clay Jars to create fumes, and resources. The in-game book, Witchcraft: Distilling explains distillation in high-depth, and lists all recipes.

There is a bug regarding the Distillery's integration with NEI in which only one Distillery recipe is shown when looking up recipes for an item, rather than all of the existing Distillery recipes. This bug is resolved by WitcheryPatch due to the inactivity of Witchery development.