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This page is about the Distillation Tower added by GregTech 5 Unofficial. For other uses, see Distillation Tower.
Distillation Tower

ModGregTech 5 Unofficial
TypeMultiblock structure

The Distillation Tower is a multiblock machine added by GregTech 5 Unofficial, used to distill huge amounts of fluids. It is an advanced version of the Distillery, able to output all products at the same time and with greater energy efficiency and throughput.



Unlike most other multiblock machines from GregTech 5, the Distillation Tower follows the standard rule of overclocking penalty.



The Distillation Tower can be formed with the minimum height of 3 blocks and the maximum height of 12 blocks. It requires at least one Input Hatch, 2-11 Output Hatches (the number depends on the height of the machine), 1 Output Bus, and a Controller at fixed positions in the multiblock: The Controller must be in the center of one of the sides of the bottom layer. Input Hatches and the Output Bus must be on the first layer. A single Output Hatch must be installed on each of the layers except the bottom one.

The Maintenance Hatch and Energy Hatch(es) may be put in the place of any Stainless Steel Casing. At least 36 casings are required, and no more than one Maintenance Hatch is allowed.

After the Multiblock is formed, resolve the issues in the Maintenance Hatch. To start it, hit it with a soft hammer.

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