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Display Stand

ModActually Additions
TypeSolid block
RF storage800,000 RF
This page is about the block added by Actually Additions. For other uses, see Display Stand.

The Display Stand is a block added by Actually Additions. Right-clicking it with an item will put that item into it, like an Item Frame. The item inside it will slowly rotate.

Display Stand.png

Special usage

  • The Empowerer uses the Display Stand to empower things.
  • When placed in the Display Stand, and if the Display Stand is powered with Redstone Flux (RF) or Tesla, the Leaf Blower and Advanced Leaf Blower will blow away grass and leaves.
  • The rings added by Actually Additions will give their specified effect to one entity within the range of 16 blocks. If the advanced version of the ring is used, it will give the specified effect to all entities within the range of 96 blocks. Both operations cost RF/Tesla.


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