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Display case

TypeSolid block

The Display Case can be made from any of the 6 different vanilla wood slabs and will look like the wood that is used. This block can also use one of 4 different colors of wool to color the interior. The wool colors Red, Blue, Green, or Black may be used. This has changed for BiblioCraft v1.6.0, see note below.

An Important note on the usage of the case. The case door can be toggled by shift clicking with an empty hand. The case must be open in order to add an item to the case. When the case is open, if the player is holding an item, Right clicking will place the item in the case. If the player has an empty hand and right clicks, the GUI will open. Right clicking while there is an item in the case will cause the item to pop out of the case. It is also worth noting that placing a redstone block inside a display case will cause the case to emit a redstone signal.


v1.6.0 and newer recipe:

v1.5.5 and older recipe:

Version history

Version history
1.3.0The Display Case will also emit the light levels of any blocks or items stored within it.
1.6.0The Display Case interior can be colored by right clicking the case (while open) with any colored Minecraft Carpet. Right-clicking the case with the Screw Gun while the case is open or breaking it will remove the carpet.