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DirtChest 9000!

ModIron Chests
TypeTile entity
Blast resistance3
Storage1 slot
Dirt or Podzol only

The DirtChest 9000! is a joke chest added by the Iron Chests mod. It only has 1 storage slot, which can only contain Dirt or Podzol, meaning the chest's maximum item capacity is 1 stack of one of those. Upon placing it down, the chest will contain a Written Book by cpw titled How to use your DirtChest 9000!. It reads:

Welcome to your new DirtChest 9000! We hope you will enjoy many happy years of storing your stack of dirt in our storage utility.
Usage: simply insert the stack of dirt of your choice into the highly receptive slot and enjoy the great convenience of having that dirt available to you, any time you pass by this chest!
We hope you have enjoyed reviewing this instruction manual, and hope you will consider using our products in future! Kind regards, The DirtChest 9000 manual writers incorporated.
Warranty: This product has no warranty of any kind. Your dirt may not be stored it may slowly leech unto the environment, or alternatively, it may not do anything at all.

DirtChest 9000 is kind to the environment Please dispose of this guide book responsibly, and do not whatsoever you do just chuck it into some lava. We would be very sad.

Despite the book noting the particular form of destruction of lava, throwing the book into lava has no special behavior.


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