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Direwolf20 1.16
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Maintained byThe FTB Team
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Current stable1.7.0
Play along with the Direwolf20 as he starts a brand new series on his YouTube channel or join friends on a server and choose your own route.
Description of Direwolf20 1.16 on the FTB App

Direwolf20 1.16 is a Feed The Beast modpack created by the FTB Team and designed by Direwolf20. It is a general, large-sized "kitchen-sink" modpack available through the FTB App (not on CurseForge).

Mods included

Mod Authors Features 
Absent by Design Cosmetic
AppleSkin GUI (Food)
Applied Energistics 2 Storage, Autocrafting
Archer's Paradox Equipment (Arrows)
Architectury Library (API)
Ars Nouveau Magic
Astral Sorcery Magic
AzureDooms Angel Ring Equipment (Flight)
Bad Wither No Cookie - Reloaded Audio (Mute)
Better Advancements GUI (Advancements)
Blood Magic Magic
Bookshelf Library (API)
Botania Tech, Magic
BotanyPots Farming
Botany Trees Farming
Building Gadgets Building
CC: Tweaked Programming, Tech
Charging Gadgets Tech (Energy)
Chisels & Bits Cosmetic
Citadel Library (Animations)
Cloth Config API Library (API)
CodeChickenLib Library
CoFH Core Tech, Library (Thermal Series)
Comforts Equipment (Sleep)
Controlling GUI (Key Bindings)
Cooking for Blockheads Food, Storage
Create Tech, Equipment
Culinary Construct Food
Curios API Library (API)
Cyclic Tech, Equipment, Magic, Food
Dark Utilities Tech, Equipment
DataFixerSlayer Performance (Memory)
Default Options GUI (Options)
DeLogger GUI (Console)
Dungeon Crawl World Gen (Structures)
Emojiful GUI (Emojis)
Enchantment Descriptions GUI (Tooltips)
Ender Storage Storage
Ensorcellation Magic
Entangled Tech, Magic
Entity Detectors Redstone
Environmental Core Tech
Environmental Tech Tech, Automining, Energy
Extended Caves World Gen (Caves)
Extra Storage Storage
Extreme Reactors 2 Energy, Tech
Extreme Sound Muffler Audio (Mute)
FastLeafDecay Farming
FastFurnace Performance
FastWorkbench Performance
FerriteCore Performance (Memory)
FindMe GUI (Item Search)
Flat Bedrock World Gen (Bedrock)
Flux Networks Energy (Wireless)
FTB Backups Server (Backups)
FTB Chunks Server (Protected Claims)
FTB Essentials Server (Commands)
FTB GUI Library GUI, Library (API)
FTB Ranks Server (Player Ranks)
FTB Teams Server (Teams)
Gauges and Switches Cosmetic, Tech
GeckoLib Library (Animations)
Glassential Cosmetic (Glass)
GraveStone Death
Harvest Farming
Ice Ice Baby Mobs, Magic
Immersive Engineering Tech, Energy
Immersive Posts Cosmetic
Industrial Foregoing Tech, Energy, Farming, Storage, Automining
Inventory Sorter GUI (Inventory)
Iron Chests Storage
Item Collectors Storage
JEI Integration GUI (Inventory)
Just Another Mining Dimension (JAMD) World Gen (Dimension)
Just Another Void Dimension World Gen (Dimension)
Just Enough Items GUI (Recipes)
Just Enough Professions GUI (Villagers)
Just Enough Resources GUI (Recipes)
Krate Storage
KubeJS Server, Library
KubeJS Blood Magic Mod Integration
KubeJS Create Mod Integration
KubeJS Immersive Engineering Mod Integration
KubeJS Mekanism Mod Integration
KubeJS Thermal Mod Integration
KubeJS UI GUI (Main Menu)
Lantern Colors Cosmetic (Lanterns)
LibX Library
Light Overlay Building (Light Level)
Lollipop Library
Macaw's Bridges Cosmetic
Macaw's Doors Cosmetic
Macaw's Roofs Cosmetic
Macaw's Trapdoors Cosmetic
Macaw's Windows Cosmetic
Mana and Artifice Magic
McJtyLib Library
Mekanism Tech, Equipment, Storage, Automining, Flight (Jetpacks)
Mekanism Generators Energy
Mekanism Tools Equipment
mGui Library (GUI)
MineColonies Building (Colonies), Mobs
MiniCoal Smelting
Mining Gadgets Mining
Mod Name Tooltip GUI (Tooltips)
Modular Routers Transport (Items)
More Dragon Eggs Mobs
Morpheus Server (Sleep Voting)
Mouse Tweaks GUI (Inventory)
Moving Elevators Transport (Player), Cosmetic
MythicBotany Magic
Nature's Aura Magic, Tech
Nature's Compass Exploration (Biome Search)
ObserverLib Library
OpenBlocks Elevator Transport (Player)
Patchouli Library
Placebo Library
PneumaticCraft: Repressurized Tech
Pocket Storage Storage
Portality Tech, Transport (Player)
Powah! Energy, Tech
Pretty Pipes Transport (Items)
Psi Tech, Magic, Programming
QuantumStorage Storage
Quartz Chests Storage, Cosmetic
Ranged Pumps Transport (Fluids), Tech
Rats: Ratlantis AlexThe666 World Gen (Dimension)
Rats AlexThe666 Mobs, Farming, Transport (Items)
RecipeBuffers Performance (Server)
Refined Pipes Transport (Items, Fluids), Energy, Tech
Refined Storage Storage, Autocrafting
Refined Storage Addons Storage, Autocrafting
Refined Storage Requestify Storage, Autocrafting
Reliquary Magic
Restrictions Tech
RFTools Base Tech
RFTools Builder Tech
RFTools Control Tech
RFTools Power Tech
RFTools Storage Tech, Storage
RFTools Utility Tech
Rhino Library
Runelic GUI, Cosmetic
ServerConfig Updater Server, Library
Shrink Tech (Miniaturization)
Shutup Experimental Settings! GUI (Menus)
Simple Magnets Equipment (Magnets)
Simply Backpacks Storage, Equipment (Backpacks)
Simply Jetpacks 2 Equipment (Jetpacks), Transport (Player)
Snad Farming
Spawner Bug Fix Performance (Server)
Statues Cosmetic
Storage Drawers Storage, Cosmetic
Structurize Server (Edit World)
Tetra Equipment
The One Probe GUI (Context Info)
The Undergarden World Gen (Dimension), Equipment
Thermal Cultivation Farming
Thermal Expansion Tech, Energy, Storage
Thermal Foundation Tech
Thermal Innovation Tech, Equipment
Thermal Locomotion Tech
TipTheScales GUI (Scale)
Titanium Library
Toast Control GUI (Notifications)
Torchmaster Building (Lights)
Trash Cans Storage (Void)
ValkyrieLib Library
Waystones World Gen, Transport (Player)
Woot Farming, Tech
Wormhole Transport (Player), Tech, Magic
XNet Transport (Items, Fluids), Energy
XNet Gases Transport (Gases)
ZeroCore 2 Library (API)

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