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Dimensional Bridge Stabilizer

ModEnhanced Portals 3

The Dimensional Bridge Stabilizer, also known as the DBS, is a multiblock machine added by Enhanced Portals 3. It can be any size between 2x3x2 and 2x3x256, with each height layer adding a new pair of portals to its function.

When a Location Card is used on it, the DBS' location will be saved onto the Location Card to be used with the Portal Controller.

This machine is powered by Redstone Flux (RF), with a starting storage amount of 30,000 RF; every additional layer to the structure increases storage by 15,000 RF. The DBS is the energy storage device for all of the portals that are linked to it. If it runs out of energy, it will cause instability in the portals.

When it is being constructed, or added to, the Wrench must be used on it to initialize it.


Thermal Expansion 4


This construction is modular, with a maximum of 256 layers on top.