Diluted Mana Pool

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Diluted Mana Pool

TypeSolid block
Next tier
Technical details
First appearanceR1.1-100

The Diluted Mana Pool is a block added by Botania, it is the lower tier of the normal Mana Pool.
It can hold about 1% of what the normal Mana Pool can hold, and cannot infuse items. It first appeared in version R1.1-100.

Mana can be deposited into the Diluted Mana Pool via a Mana Spreader, and any adjacent Mana Spreaders will pull Mana from it to fill their internal buffer.

Items will appear animated when in a Diluted Mana Pool. This feature can be disabled in the configuration file as of version R1.1-82.


Pre R1.8-238

This information pertains to an older version of the mod.