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Digital Miner

RF storage16,000 RF

The Digital Miner is a machine added by Mekanism. It is used to extract ore blocks automatically. The type of ore mined and at which levels can be configured in its UI. It requires Redstone Flux (RF) to run.



The main GUI for the Digital Miner.

Right-clicking on the Digital Miner will bring up the main GUI. On the left-hand side are two tabs; in descending order, they are:

  • Visuals tab: Toggles visuals.
  • Energy tab: Toggles through different power units (RF, Joules (J), Minecraft Joules (MJ), and Energy Units (EU)).

On the right-hand side are three tabs; in descending order, they are:

  • Upgrades tab: Allows Speed Upgrades and Power Upgrades to be inserted into the machine.
  • Privacy tab: Toggles right-of-use for players (Public, Private, and Trusted).
  • Redstone tab: Toggles when the Digital Miner will function; High makes it run when a redstone signal is present, Low makes it run when any redstone signal is absent, and Disabled will have it run independent of the presence or absence of redstone signals.

In the top half of the GUI are a few elements:

  • Status screen: Shows the current status of the machine, how many more blocks it has been configured to mine remain in its area of operation, and whether auto-pull, auto-eject, or Silk Touch are enabled.
  • Battery slot: Allows for the placement of a battery to supply the Digital Miner with power.
  • Power bar: Displays the amount of power currently in the Digital Miner's buffer.
  • Error display: Will display a checkmark and "All is well!" when hovered over if there are no problems. It will describe errors if any exist, such as insufficient power.
  • Start: Causes the Digital Miner to begin mining for blocks designated in its config. Prevents any further configuration by graying out the Config button until the Miner is stopped and the Reset button is pressed.
  • Stop: Causes the Digital Miner to pause mining for blocks.
  • Config: Opens a second GUI to configure the types of blocks to be mined. Details are listed below.
  • "R": Reset button. Allows players to change the Digital Miner's config settings.
  • "A": Auto-eject button. Automatically ejects items in its inventory to another inventory or transport block on the backside of the Miner.
  • "P": Auto-pull button. Automatically pulls items into its inventory from another inventory.
  • "S": Silk touch button. Will mine blocks as if they were mined with Silk Touch. Consumes 6 times as much power.

The sub-GUI accessed by clicking the config button.

The following are elements from the secondary GUI that appears when the Config button is pressed.

  • Back button: Found in the top-left corner. Clicking it returns the player to the primary GUI.
  • Status screen: Lists the number of filters being used and the area of operation (by way of radius around the Digital Miner and the minimum and maximum height (defined by Y-coordinates)). Values can be changed by typing in a new value in an input field and clicking the adjacent check mark button.
  • Inverse button: Causes the Digital Miner to mine blocks that do not match any of the current filters listed.
  • Filter list: Lists the current filters used. Can be scrolled up and down by using the scroll bar.
  • New Filter: Creates a new filter based on ItemStack, OreDict, Material, or Mod ID.

Filters must be applied or the digital miner will not extract any materials.


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