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This page is about the Diesel Generator added by Immersive Engineering. For other uses, see Diesel Generator.
Diesel Generator
IE Diesel Generator.png

ModImmersive Engineering
TypeMultiblock structure
Liquid storage24,000 mB
Max RF output4096 RF/t
RF production4096 RF/t

The Diesel Generator is a 3×5×3 multiblock added by Immersive Engineering. It generates Immersive Flux (IF) or Redstone Flux (RF) by burning Biodiesel or other modded fuels.

A running Diesel Generator makes a fair amount of noise. The Ear Defenders can selectively muffle its sound.

The Diesel Generator does not have a GUI. Fuel needs to be piped in through the side ports near the front of the machine (indicated by blue dots). Power is exported through the three plugs on top, near the front of the machine (each with a small copper-colored dot). The generator can be halted by applying a Redstone signal to the "control panel" on the side of the machine (indicated by a red dot).


The multiblock machine needs to be properly assembled, struck with an Engineer's Hammer, and wired up to an energy-net with Wire Connectors before it's ready to start generating. Piping any amount of fuel in through its fluid ports starts it producing energy at a rate of 4096 Flux/tick (or less if the energy-net can't accept that much).

The standard fuel is Biodiesel, but the Diesel Generator can accept a few other modded fuels, which burn for longer and produce more total energy.

The machine automatically shuts off if it cannot export power. It does not have an internal energy buffer.

Fuel choices

1 bucket of Biodiesel burns for 6.25 seconds, generating a total of 512,000 Flux. The table below compares it to other modded fuels.

Fuel Duration (sec) Energy per bucket (Flux) Energy in
Biodiesel 6.25 512,000 12,288,000
Diesel (Immersive Petroleum) 9.9 812,200 19,492,800
Fuel (Buildcraft) 8.75 1,536,000 36,912,000


For the Diesel Generator to continually run on Biodiesel, it needs 160 mB/sec. For an efficient supply chain, 1 Refinery, 2 Industrial Squeezers and 2 Industrial Fermenters is enough to support 2 Diesel Generators. To keep up with demand, the Industrial Squeezer would need 1 Wheat seed, Pumpkin seed or Melon seed every second, or 2 Industrial Hemp Seeds every 3 seconds; the Fermenter would need 1 Sugar Cane, Melon or Apple every second.

The Diesel Generator does not check whether the receiving energy-net actually needs power or not - "It just runs". Avoiding unnecessary runtime saves fuel; e.g.:

  • Attach a HV Capacitor to the generator output
  • Set up redstone control circuit preventing capacitors from ever becoming full
    • A Redstone Comparator outputs a signal proportional to a capacitor's charge.
    • Disable generator using redstone signal.


  • Current

    Bill of materials


    Diesel Generator (Immersive Engineering) assembly.png

  • Pre–0.8.0

    Bill of materials

    This information pertains to an older version of the mod.


    Diesel Generator (Immersive Engineering) assembly old.png

  • Once the blocks are assembled, use the Engineer's Hammer on the front face of the upper-middle Generator Block to complete the structure. The redstone switch can assembled on either side of the machine.