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This page is about the Diesel Generator from GregTech 4. For other uses, see Diesel Generator.
Diesel Generator

ModGregTech 4
Max EU output32 EU/t

The Diesel Generator is a type of generator added by GregTech 4. It has LV, MV and HV versions, which produce EU from various fuel types at a rate of 32, 128 or 512 EU/t.

Fuel can be put in in form of Cells or other liquid containers, or directly piped in. Energy output is from the side with the single dot, pipes can be connected from every other side.

Every Diesel Generator has a different Fuel efficiency. The Energy values of fuels can be found and changed in the Recipes.cfg of Gregtechs Configfiles under "fuel_0".



The generator can accept liquid fuel as well.

Name Fuel Value LV actual Output MV actual Output HV actual Output

Nitro-Coalfuel Cell 48,000 EU 40,500 EU 37,250 EU 33,100 EU

Ethanol Bucket 128,000 EU 108,000 EU 99,330 EU 88,250 EU

Fuel Bucket 128,000 EU 108,000 EU 99,330 EU 88,250 EU

Nitro-Diesel Cell 384,000 EU 324,000 EU 298,000 EU 265,000 EU


Version history
somewhere during MC 1.5.xBurns Ethanol (Successor of Forestry-Biofuel) for 128k EU. Bio-Diesel removed.