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Diesel Engine

ModGregTech 5 Unofficial
TypeMultiblock structure

The Diesel Engine is a multiblock Machine in GregTech 5 Unofficial for producing EU using Nitro Diesel or Diesel, Lubricant and Oxygen.


Building the Multiblock

The Diesel Engine is a 3x3x4 structure built of Stable Titanium Casings (at least 16). The two center blocks are Titanium Gear Box Casings. The Controller is placed in the front center. The controller is surrounded by Engine Intake Casings. It needs a Dynamo Hatch in the back center.

Two or three of the Stable Titanium Casings next to a Titanium Gear Box Casing need to be replaced by Input Hatches. One of the Stable Titanium Casings next to a Titanium Gear Box Casing needs to be replaced by a Maintenance Hatch.

The top middle back Stable Titanium Casing should be replaced by a muffler hatch.


Once the Multiblock has formed, resolve maintenance issues. To start it, hit it with a soft hammer.


Supply Nitro Diesel or Diesel to one of the input hatches and Lubricant to the other. Hit the controller with a soft hammer to start it up. There is a "spin up" time of several seconds before the engine is operating at peak efficiency. During the "spin up" time the Diesel Engine produces less EU/t.

Nitro Diesel and "regular" Diesel produce the same amount of EU/t. However Nitro Diesel is consumed slower than "regular" Diesel.

The Diesel Engine uses about 2mB of Lubricant per 3 seconds, consumes Diesel at a rate of 20mb/t and Nitro Diesel at a rate of 8mb/t

The Diesel Engine will output 2048EU/t(1A EV) from the Dynamo Hatch(EV)

If supplied with Oxygen to a third input hatch the Diesel Engine will boost the output to 6144EU/t and will require an IV Dynamo Hatch.