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Diamond Transport Pipe

Tooltip textSorts items

The Diamond Transport Pipe is a type of sorting pipe added by BuildCraft. It has six colored directions (black, gray, red, blue, green, and yellow) through which incoming items can be sorted through a configurable GUI. Up to nine items can be sorted per color side. In addition to its filtering capabilities, diamond pipes (since Buildcraft 7.0) exhibit automatic round-robin sorting, allowing them to split items by their weight on each side rather than splitting items randomly down all valid outputs. Item weight, in this case, refers to the amount of the item in each slot.



The Diamond Pipe sorting items from a Quarry

In a typical sorting system, items come in from one direction/color and are sorted out through the other five directions/colors. In the example to the right, items are coming in from the Quarry on the blue side and will be sorted out through the gray, yellow, and red sides.

The Diamond Pipe GUI with item filters

Right-click the Diamond pipe to view the GUI. Place items into the slot color from which that item will be output to. In the example, Sand will filter out through the gray side, Cobblestone through the red side, and Dirt through the yellow side.

An open color (that is, one with no item filters) will allow all unfiltered items to pass in that direction instead. If an item comes in that is not in any of the filters and there are no open colors, the item will pop out of the piping system.

Multiple Diamond Pipes can be connected together to create an extensive sorting network. Leave one color open for input and one color open for unfiltered items to go into the next Diamond Pipe for additional sorting.