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Dialling Device

ModEnhanced Portals 3
TypeSolid block
Tooltip textPortal Frame Part
Previous tier

The Dialling [sic] Device is a component in the construction of portals within Enhanced Portals 3. This block is the only portal frame component that can be accessed without a Wrench, and seen without Glasses. It is used to connect the portal to other portals using their unique identifiers.

In its GUI, entries can be manually entered by using the unique identifier defined by the Portal Controller. This entry can be saved with a custom name, which defaults to "Unnamed Portal". Clicking on the portal's custom name will dial, causing the portal to be linked with the other portal. If the unique identifier is invalid, it will error.

The Dialling Device also allows for customization of the portal's aesthetic aspects, like the Nanobrush, based on which portal it is currently connected to.