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This page is about the Dialing Device added by RFTools. For other uses, see Dialing Device.
Dialing Device

TypeSolid block
Blast resistance10

The Dialing Device is a block added by RFTools. It is used to create and interrupt links between RFTools' Matter Transmitters and Matter Receivers.



After opening the Dialing Device's GUI, the player can select a source and a destination then click the Dial button. A link between the two is established and players can be transported. If Dial Once is clicked, the link will be closed after a single transit. If Dial is clicked, the link will remain open after transit.


In situations where there are a large number of transmitters and receivers (for example, a high-population server), the star icons can be used to set and filter favorite destinations.

If a Destination Analyzer is available, the player can test whether the destination Matter Receiver has sufficient power to operate.

Double-clicking on a source or destination will cause the selected device to be briefly highlighted with a red bounding box.

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