Devils Tongue Charm

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Devils Tongue Charm

Tooltip textEven demons will find your wit irresistible... most of the time
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The Devils Tongue Charm is an upgraded version of the Polynesia Charm. It is able to trade with Demons as well as normal creatures. Holding this charm in the player's hand will also make it less likely for the Demon to attack. Typically, a Demon will trade Enchanted Books, Demon Hearts, and Tongues of Dog.

The charm will not take damage when right clicking on a demon but will take 5 damage for every trade made (less with unbreaking enchantment). The charm has 50 durability and will break after the 11th trade. Trading with a demon using the Devils Tongue Charm does not lock the trade, until the charm breaks. Stopping after 11 trades and switching to a new Devils Tongue Charm will allow players to trade indefinitely with a demon. There is currently a bug where when in the trading screen the charm will not appear to take damage.


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