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Deviating Lily

ModProject Red
Required modulesExploration

The Deviating Lily is a flower added by Project Red since version 4.5.9 in all 16 vanilla Minecraft colors. These flowers grow from the Deviating Lily Seeds and each color has its own seed.

Config options

In the "ProjectRed.cfg" configuration file (in the "config" folder), the generation of Deviating Lily can be disabled, and the generation can be reduced by increasing the resistance value. Furtermore, the enabling of the retro generation allows to generate the Deviating Lily in an old world, which was started with older versions or without Project Red.

"World Gen" {
    B:"Deviating Lily"=true
    I:"Deviating Lily resistance"=0
    B:"Deviating Lily retrogen"=false