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TypeSolid block

Detectors are a type of device from the Railcraft mod. They will detect various types of Minecarts, contents of Minecarts, Trains, and Locomotives. There are 17 types of detectors:Advanced, Age, Animal, Any, Empty, Energy, Explosive, Item, Locomotive, Mob, Player, Powered, Routing, Sheep, Tank, Train, and Villager. A table is shown below briefly explaining what each detector detects and any other special features. All detectors will detect carts that pass adjacent to them. They can be placed under or beside rails. They will provide a redstone signal to the block adjacent to the side with the red dot, when the cart meets the detector's requirements. Further information can be found on their according articles.



Detector Cart

Detector - Advanced
Any type; select in GUI

Detector - Age
Contains a full-grown animal

Detector - Animal
Contains any animal; select in GUI

Detector - Any
All carts

Detector - Empty
Can be ridden, but contains nothing

Detector - Energy
Energy carts only

Detector - Explosive
Explosive carts only

Detector - Item
Chest Carts only; contains specified items

Detector - Locomotive
Steam Locomotive with matching secondary and primary colors

Detector - Mob
Ridden by aggressive monster

Detector - Player
Ridden by player

Detector - Powered
Furnace Carts only

Detector - Routing
Detector's Routing Table matches Steam Locomotive

Detector - Sheep
Ridden by a Sheep with wool

Detector - Tank
Tank Cart matches set filters

Detector - Train
Amount of linked carts matches number specified in GUI

Detector - Villager
Ridden by specified villager

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