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Detector Manager
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ModSteve's Carts

The Detector Manager is a machine in Steve's Carts that, when placed under an Advanced Detector Rail, can detect a passing cart's modules and their current status, and send out a Redstone signal based on what it detects.



The Detector Manager GUI

A. Boolean AND selector. This selector is true when all children are true.
B. Boolean OR selector. This selector is true when at least one child is true.
C. Boolean NOT selector. This selector is true when all children are false.
D. Boolean XOR selector. This selector is true when only one child is true.
E. Redstone output condition tree. If all children of the tree are true, the Detector Manager will output a Redstone signal.


A properly placed Detector Manager

1. Placing the Detector Manager

In order to operate correctly, the Detector Manager must be placed underneath an Advanced Detector Rail. Additionally, the Redstone signal can only be carried by wire immediately connected to the Detector Manager, as depicted in the picture to the right; connecting the wire to the Advanced Detector Rail will not work. In the setup depicted to the right, if the passing cart matches the configuration set up in the Detector Manager, the Rail junction will switch, and the cart will go down the second track. If it does not match, it will continue around the circuit.

2. Configuring the Detector Manager

The Detector Manager uses a Boolean logic tree to decide whether or not a passing cart should trigger the Redstone output or not. The first node, or root, of the tree is the dark rectangle marked "OUT." The four Boolean operators, AND, OR, NOT, and XOR can be found at the top of the Manager's GUI. Beneath them are two tabs of conditions, divided into Modules (whether a cart has a particular module) and Module States (whether a particular module meets a certain condition). Hovering over a tab will expand it and allow access to the many conditions available.

Any number of Boolean operators and conditions can be attached under the OUT node: the trigger for the Redstone current can be as simple as "has a Farmer module" or as complex as can be imagined. To attach an operator or condition, simply drag it from above the GUI or its tab, and place it where it should go. The AND, OR, and XOR operators will cause a split in the tree, as each one requires that two conditions be compared. In the GUI example above, the Detector is configured to output a Redstone signal if the following conditions are true of the passing cart:

  1. It has a Farmer module.
  2. It has a Hydrator module.
  3. The Hydrator module does NOT have water supplies.

As seen in the above examples, the control provided by the Detector Manager could be very useful when paired with a Cargo Manager restocking station.

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