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This page is about the Destabilized Redstone from Thermal Foundation. For other uses, see Destabilized Redstone.
Destabilized Redstone

ModThermal Foundation
Heat (C)27 ºC

Destabilized Redstone is a liquid added by Thermal Foundation. It is made from redstone by melting it down in a Magma Crucible or a similar utility in one dust to 100mB ratio. It has a high conductivity, so it is used to make devices that can store and transport energy (such as the Redstone Energy Conduit and the Redstone Energy Cell).


When placed in the world, it emits a Redstone signal, in which its strength depends on how far away it is from the source. This can be switched off in the configuration file.

If the liquid is drunk using a Straw, it causes lightning to strike the player, and amplifies and extends potion effects on the player to level IV for 8 minutes.