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TypeSolid block

The Desk is a block added by BiblioCraft. It is used to store books. The books that can be stored include:

The books on the Desk when viewed in-game will always look the same, no matter what type of book is placed on the Desk.

The Desk can store 4 books on the left stack, 4 books on the right stack, and one book in the front for a total of 9 books.

An empty Desk, next to a full Desk


This block can be made from any of the 6 different vanilla woods and will look like the wood that is used.

With the BiblioWoods addon, the Desk can be crafted out of woods from other mods as well.


The player can place books directly on the Desk by right-clicking with an acceptable book. The player must aim either at the front center space to add an open book, or one of the back 2 corners to add a book to either stack. Depending on what takes up the open book slot, right-clicking on the open book will open its GUI. For example, placing a Book and Quill in the open book slot and right-clicking will allow the user to edit it from the Desk. The current page the player has the book open to is also saved.

Right-clicking the Desk without an acceptable book or if the Desk is full will open the storage GUI. Shift left-clicking with an empty hand will pull a book off the Desk. If the player is looking at the open book, shift left-clicking will pick up that book. If the player is looking at the left stack, the place will pick up the top book from the stack, and the same holds true for the right stack.