Desert Shrine

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Desert Shrine
ModAstral Sorcery

The Desert Shrine is a structure added by Astral Sorcery. It spawns on the surface of the Overworld in sandy biomes (according to the Biome Dictionary), such as Deserts.

From the surface it appears buried, with only the top of its pillars sticking out of the surface. Inside is a small room containing a Chest filled with loot and an unbreakable Collector Crystal.


The whole structure is made of the following materials:

Loot table

The Chest rolls between 4 and 6 times stacks using the following distribution:

Item Stack size Weight

Constellation Paper
1 18

1-2 12

1-3 10

Gold Ingot
1-2 7

Iron Ingot
1-4 15

1-2 3

Glowstone Dust
1-3 7

1 1

Ender Pearl
1 3