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Dense Plates

ModIndustrialcraft 2

IndustrialCraft 2 Dense Plates are items added solely for crafting purposes, although in some mod packs, only the Dense Iron and Lead plates are used. The current list of plates is:

Plate Type Compressor
Copper Yes
Tin Yes
Bronze Yes
Iron Yes
Refined Iron Yes
Gold Yes
Lead Yes
Obsidian Yes
Lapis Lazuli Yes


Unlike the normal plates, all dense plates are made in the compressor.


Although added at the same time as the Normal Plates and Item Casings, majority of the Dense Plates had no use at the time. The iron and gold plates are used to make the Small Storage Crate in Age of Engineering (necessary for advancement), Dense Iron plates are used to craft Pellets of RTG Fuel and Dense Lead plates are used to craft the Nuclear Reactor.