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Defilement is a mechanic added by Defiled Lands, it allows turning specific "normal" blocks into their respective "defiled" variant (for example: Sand turns into Defiled Sand). This can either be done manually using Defilement Powder, or automatically by letting a defileable block near a defiling block inside a defiled biome.

Defiling a block

Defiling a block (that can be defiled at all) can be done in two different ways :

Defiling blocks

A "defiling" block refer to any block that actively tries to defile nearby blocks, so long as it is inside a defiled biome. This generally includes any block that generates in a defiled biome, as well as anything crafted using them, although a few exceptions exist.

This process of "passive" defilement happens randomly over time in a 5x5x5 area centered on the defiling block. Each block in the area has an equal chance of getting passively defiled, and each defiling block will act independently of any others. This means that the process of passively defiling a specific block can be sped up by adding more defiling blocks nearby.

The following blocks act as defiling blocks as described above :

Defileable blocks

This is the list of all blocks that can actually be defiled, as well as what they turn into when they get defiled :