Defiled biome

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Defiled biome
ModDefiled Lands

Defiled biomes are a special type of biomes added by Defiled Lands. They appear in the Overworld and have several unique features such as unique mobs, blocks, ores and plants.


While there are several different defiled biomes, there are some common characteristics among them :

  • The sky will appear purple
  • All terrain blocks are replaced (when applicable) by their defiled version when first generated
  • Defiling blocks will actively defile nearby blocks (within a two block radius) when inside of a defiled biome
  • Vanilla mobs, such as Zombies or Pigs, as well as most modded mobs, cannot spawn in them
  • Unique monsters, such as Scuttlers, will spawn in them
  • Unique plants, such as Blastems, will spawn instead of vanilla plants
  • Conjuring Altars will spawn on the surface
  • Defiled dungeons, made Defiled Stone Bricks with different loot and a Monster Spawner, may spawn

List of defiled biomes

Currently, all biomes added by Defiled Lands are defiled biomes, which consists of the following :