Deep Resonance

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Deep Resonance
Modicon Deep Resonance.png
Current developersMcJty
Version1.12.2: 1.8.0
1.12.1: 1.4.9
1.12: 1.4.9
1.11.2: 1.1x
1.11: 1.1x
1.10.2: 1.1x
1.10: 1.2.0beta35
1.9.4: 1.2.0beta35
1.9: 1.1.4beta32
1.8.9: 1.1.4beta23
1.7.10: 1.1.4
Supported Minecraft versions1.7.10-1.12.2
Depends onMcJtyLib
FTB Horizons III
FTB Revelation

Deep Resonance is a mod by McJty that adds powerful Redstone Flux generators based around Resonating Crystals. Those can either be found in caves or manually created with several machines, including various steps of enhancing and purification of the crystals in order to make them more powerful.


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