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Deep Dark
ModExtra Utilities 2

The Deep Dark is a dimension added by Extra Utilities 2.

The Deep Dark spawn room

The Deep Dark viewed without Night Vision

A rare patch of natural light in the Deep Dark

The Deep Dark viewed with Night Vision

The Deep Dark is an endless cavern. Massive, irregularly-spaced columns support a cavern roof from which giant stalactites hang; poised over the barren wasteland of cobblestone like tectonic Swords of Damocles. Monsters of all shapes and sizes roam the wasteland and an invisible, bodiless horror stalks the darkness. Below the cobblestone cavern floor, amongst the caves and tunnels, nature's bounty awaits the well-prepared adventurer.


The top layer of the Deep Dark contains only Stone and Cobblestone so the player must head downwards to find anything interesting. The main cavern ceiling is at approximately Y=120. The main cavern floor is at Y=63. A normal stone/ore/bedrock layer exists below the cavern floor.

Navigation and Hazards

Upon spawning, the player will be in a small, torch-lit Cobblestone room, close to the bedrock ceiling. A portal block sits in the center of the room to facilitate the player's return to the overworld. There are neither doorways nor passages so the player must dig themselves out of the cobblestone room. The Deep Dark provides little help in getting from the top layer to the cavern floor, only the giant cobblestone columns.

An irregular landscape of 1-2 block high cobblestone projections, occasional ravines, pools of water and pools of lava make land travel through the cavern exhausting and treacherous. Navigation is difficult as compasses behave erratically. It is unknown if multiple portals exist so a wise adventurer will make careful note of their starting position or have an alternative means of returning home.

As the name suggests, the Deep Dark is very dark. There is no sky and the only natural sources of light are rare pools of lava. Having a hefty supply of light sources is essential; in addition to the normal spawn of hostile mobs, being immersed in the dark for about one minute will cause the player to take continuous damage until they are near, or place, a light source.

Hostile mobs spawning here have increased amounts of health, generally double from their normal variants but sometimes even higher.

Differences from Previous Versions

In Extra Utilities, the Deep Dark had no lower bedrock layer, occasional large holes into the void, and rare temples with loot chests. In Extra Utilities 2 there is a normal lower bedrock layer. During testing, neither temples nor holes into the void were encountered. (Tested in ver 1.12-1.6.8)

Temples may be found rarely and long travel times are to be expected when searching for them.

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