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TypeSolid block
DecoCraft costs

The Decobench is a machine from DecoCraft. This machine is used to create essentially every block in the mod.




The Decobench has a user interface that appears very complex. It includes a search bar for finding specific blocks, an input slot, an output slot, an item list with their according textures, a filter toggler, and a filter changer.

By default, the filter toggler is not enabled. Enabling this will limit the item list's items to only show those in the category defined by the filter changer. Simply clicking the arrow buttons in the filter area will change the filter.

The search bar is used to search for specific blocks in the current item list. Any item in the current inventory, including the player's inventory, can have the shift key used on them to show how much clay, red, blue, and green it provides or requires. The current amount of clay in the machine can be seen by hovering the cursor over the space beneath the input slot. Beneath that, the colors that are currently in the machine can be seen by hovering the cursor over the according color.

This machine takes Red, Blue, and Green Crafting Clay as input, along with vanilla Clay items. Additionally, already-made DecoCraft blocks can be recycled back into their original ingredients, allowing for them to be converted into new blocks.

Placing a stack of any size possible in the Drop Resources Here! slot, then pressing the down arrow beneath it will convert the given items into usable clay or coloring. Eventually, with enough clay and color, items in the item list will cease to be grayed out, and allow for clicking. Clicking an item in the list will cause it to appear in the Pickup Finished Model Here! slot. This does not create the item. The item is only created once it has been removed from this slot.

GUI Decobench.png