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Decay Generator

RF productionVariable RF/t

A Decay Generator with 3 adjacent Uranium Blocks.

The Decay Generator is a simple power generator added by NuclearCraft. It generates small amounts of energy by absorbing the radiation of nuclear decay in adjacent blocks of nuclear material. After placing the Decay Generator in the world, connect a power receiver (such as an RFTools Powercell) and place blocks of Thorium or Uranium against the exposed faces of the Decay Generator.

In the attached image, a Decay Generator is connected to three Uranium Blocks and an RFTools Powercell. This setup produces 12 RF/t. This could be increased to 20 RF/t by placing additional Uranium Blocks on the top and bottom faces of the Decay Generator.

Over time (about 30 minutes) the blocks of fuel will decay to their depleted state and produce less power. Thorium and Uranium Blocks will generate 4 RF/t each, while Depleted Thorium and Depleted Uranium Blocks will produce 0.5 RF/t each. Once depleted, Thorium blocks will change into blocks of Lead if used over a prolonged amount of time.