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This page is about the IndustrialCraft 2 Debug Item. For other uses, see Debug Item.
Debug Item

ModIndustrialCraft 2
Tooltip textInfinite EU
EU storageInf EU
Max EU outputInf EU/t

The Debug Item is an item used for debugging purposes within IndustrialCraft 2, and can be used as a battery with an infinite amount of Energy Units (EU). It will instantly charge any energy storage unit the item is put into, such as a BatBox or an MFSU. The Debug Item is only designed for debugging purposes, and as such is not obtainable in survival mode.


The Debug Item has no crafting recipe.


The Debug Item has 5 modes, Interfaces and Fields, Tile Data, Energy Net, Accelerate, and Accelerate x100. The mode can be changed by holding down the mode switch key (default M) and right clicking on any block. Right clicking on a block without holding down the mode switch key will provide technical information through the chat, the actual information output will change depending on the mode. It should be noted that there is no indication what mode the Debug Item is in without either right clicking on a block and working it out from the information returned or changing the mode, which will print what it mode it was now in.

Interfaces and Fields

Right clicking will output the block ID, the metadata number, internal name, the associated tile entity and any interfaces of block that was clicked on, for both client and server sides.

Tile Data

Right clicking will output the information that the tile entity associated with the right clicked block has. If it does not have one, a blank line is printed into chat instead.

Energy Net

Right clicking will output the information about the block right clicked relationship with the other connected EU accepting/transferring/emitting devices. This information includes the node name, it's type (Source, Conductor or Sink), it's neighbouring connected blocks, whether it's optimized, how many sources are connected heading into so many sinks, the tier if it's a source or sink, the demanded energy is it's a sink, the emitted energy if it's a source, the number of nodes in the connected E-net, the number of entries in the cache and the hitrate.

If the blocked right clicked does not implement any EU based interfaces, nothing is printed to the chat.


Right clicking will force 1000 ticks one after another on the tile entity associated with the block right clicked, and print the full path of the tile entity source and it's ID. If the block does not have an associated tile entity, "No tile entity" is printed to the chat instead.

Accelerate x100

Right clicking will do the same as Accelerate mode, but will tick the tile entity 100,000 times instead of 1000.