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ModAdvanced Rocketry

Data is a mechanic added by Advanced Rocketry. It is a resource collected by Satellites used to program Asteroid Chips to carry out mining missions.

There are 6 types of Data:

  • Distance, collected by Optical Telescope Satellites, used by the Observatory and the Astrobody Data Processor
  • Composition, collected by Composition Scanner Satellites, used by the Astrobody Data Processor
  • Mass, collected by Mass Scanner Satellites, used by the Astrobody Data Processor
  • Humidity, currently unobtainable and unused
  • Temperature, currently unobtainable and unused
  • Atmosphere Density, currently unobtainable and unused

Data can be retrieved from Satellites that produce it in Satellite Terminals, stored in Data Storage Units and Data Buses, moved automatically using Wireless Transcievers, and inserted inside machines that can use it by their Data Buses.

Any block or item that contains Data may only contain one type of it at a time. Data also can not be converted between different types.