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Dark Tower
ModTwilight Forest

The Dark Tower is a large structure from the Twilight Forest mod. These structures can be found peaking out of Dark Forest biomes within the Twilight Forest dimension. Dark Towers are the only place to find Carminite Broodlings, Carminite Ghastlings, Carminite Ghastguards, Carminite Golems, Towerwood Borers, and the Ur-ghast boss. Additionally, you can find Creepers, Skeletons, Blazes, Endermen, and Pinch Beetles in this tower.This means that this is the only place to obtain Carminite, Borer Essence, and the decorative Ur-ghast Trophy. Dark Towers are roughly 200 blocks tall, and the Ur-ghast boss is only found at the very top. A fall from the top of this tower would be devastating without proper equipment. These towers are built out of Towerwood Planks, Encased Towerwood, Mossy Towerwood, Infested Towerwood, and the many different Carminite blocks. You can find many different treasures such as Diamonds, Redstone, Enchanted books, Steeleaves, and Ironwood Ingots.

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