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This page is about the Dark Matter Shovel added by Equivalent Exchange 2. For other uses, see Dark Matter Shovel.
Dark Matter Shovel

ModEquivalent Exchange 2
Next tier
EMC value155,648 EMC

The Dark Matter Shovel is a tool from Equivalent Exchange 2. It is used to destroy dirt blocks, such as dirt, sand, and gravel. The Dark Matter Shovel does not have a durability.

Once it is charged using the charge key, it can also be used to dig a 3x3x1 area, or a 5x5x1 area, depending on the charge level. Gravel can be easily cleared with this tool, by simple right clicking on the gravel vein while it is fully charged. Both of these functions require EMC to power it, which can be supplied in the form of a Klein Star or an alchemical fuel.

It can be used to create the Red Matter Shovel.