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This page is about the Dark Matter Pickaxe added by Equivalent Exchange 2. For other uses, see Dark Matter Pickaxe.
Dark Matter Pickaxe

ModEquivalent Exchange 2
Next tier
EMC value434,176 EMC

The Dark Matter Pickaxe is a tool from Equivalent Exchange 2. It has a mining speed much faster than most pickaxes, mining Obsidian in seconds. It is powerful enough to break DM Blocks. The Dark Matter Pickaxe does not have a durability.

Once it is charged using the charge key, it can also break up to 16 ore blocks of the same type with a right-click. If it is used on a block that is not an ore, it will scan the area for an ore, and use its ability on the nearest one.

The area that this tool mines can be changed with the c key. It allows for single block breaking, 1x3x1 block breaking, 3x1x1 block breaking, and 1x1x3 block breaking.

It can be used to create the Red Matter Pickaxe.