Dark Helm

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Dark Helm

ModEnder IO
Armor rating2 (Armor.svg)
Armor toughness1

The Dark Helm is a Helmet added by Ender IO.



To upgrade the Dark Helm just add the Upgrade Item to the Helm in an anvil and you will get the upgrade.

Upgrade Requirement Upgrade Item Description
Empowered I none Vibrant Crystal Gives 100k battery, half durability drained as power.
Empowered II Empowered I Basic Capacitor Upgrades battery to 150k
Empowered III Empowered II Double-Layer Capacitor Upgrades battery to 250k
Empowered IV Empowered III Octadic Capacitor Upgrades battery to 1,000k
Sound Locator Empowered I Note Block Displays location of nearby sounds.
Night Vision Empowered I Potion of Night Vision Gives nightvision
Solar I Empowered I Photovoltaic Cell (Ender IO) Charges armor while under sun light. Max. rate 40 RF/t at noon.
Solar II Solar I Advanced Photovoltaic Cell Charge armor