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DM Pedestal

ModEquivalent Exchange 2
TypeSolid block
EMC value2564096 EMC

The DM Pedestal or Dark Matter Pedestal is a block from Equivalent Exchange 2. It is used to activate the effects of alchemy power items. Its GUI can be opened by using the use key on the block. It has known issues when on a multiplayer world[clarify].



Each alchemy power item has a different effect when used with the DM Pedestal.

Item Effect

Archangel's Smite
Fires arrows at aggressive mobs that are within 9x9x9 blocks.

Black Hole Band
Brings entities within 9x9x9 blocks towards the pedestal. Items that are pulled will go into adjacent inventories if available.

Harvest Goddess Band
Boosts crop growth, as well as harvesting certain crops within 9x9x9 blocks.

Ring of Ignition
Sets entities within 9x9x9 blocks on fire.

Evertide Amulet
Starts rainfall that cannot be stopped unless the amulet is removed.

Swiftwolf's Rending Gale
Spawns lightning at entities within 9x9x9 blocks.

Talisman of Repair
Repairs all items in players' inventories within 9x9x9 blocks.

Soul Stone
Heal all players within 9x9x9 blocks of the pedestal.

Watch of Flowing Time
Speeds up tile entity machines by 7% within 9x9x9 blocks of the pedestal.

Volcanite Amulet
Prevents rainfall until removed from the pedestal.