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Note: This page is for Cursed Fabric only, any information listed is not compatible or related to Fabric, Fabric API, or Legacy Fabric. They are all completely separate projects.

Cursed Fabric is a Fabric port for pre-1.0 versions of Minecraft. It is not the same as Legacy Fabric, a Fabric project that focuses on supporting 1.0 to 1.13.2 versions of Minecraft.

Cursed Fabric
Current developerscalmilamsy and contributors.
VersionVersion 0.10.6:671a1bb hotfix
Supported Minecraft versionsBeta 1.7.3
Current developerscalmilamsy, mine_diver and contributors.
Supported Minecraft versionsBeta 1.7.3

There are two installation methods. A MultiMC instance that can be imported and a Mojang launcher jar installer. There is currently a small handful of mods available along with various mods and APIs that support it; StationAPI and Cursed Legacy API are two different Fabric API options for Cursed Fabric.

StationAPI came first and has 5 mods currently for it, these are available on Modification Station.

While Cursed Legacy API is a Fabric API by Devs known for Fabric mods. As no mods for Cursed Legacy API exist yet (developed since May 2020) and they are very differently designed, StationAPI mods are not compatible with Cursed Legacy API but the API does still go in the mods folder of Cursed Fabric instances.

There are a handful of tweaks, Iron Chests, a GLSL Shader and an Inventory Editor/Item Viewer currently available. These mods have client and server versions.

Many of these mods are available on Glass Repo. The mods for Cursed Fabric only work on Cursed Fabric and Cursed Fabric supported versions; all mods require StationAPI to be in the mods folder.

Cursed Legacy Installer
Current developersValoeghese, Chocohead, Cool_Mineman and contributors.
Supported Minecraft versionsBeta 1.7.3
Cursed Legacy API
Current developersValoeghese, Chocohead, Cool_Mineman and contributors.
Supported Minecraft versionsBeta 1.7.3

Mojang Launcher Installation Instructions (Cursed Legacy API)

Currently no mods work with this at the moment (only Cursed Legacy API currently, StationAPI and StationAPI/Station Loader compatible mods do not work in these instances) so these instructions are only to show it's possible as of discovering on 21st April 2021. Its current purpose is likely for Mod Developer testing purposes at the moment.

Cursed Legacy Loader
Current developersValoeghese, Chocohead, Cool_Mineman and contributors.
Supported Minecraft versionsBeta 1.7.3

1.Download the Installer Jar from Cursed Legacy website.

2.Double click the Jar file and a window will appear.

3.From testing build 671a1bb-b1.7.3 (others may crash) select this one and select the 'Install' button.

4.Launch the launcher and check if a loader profile has been installed.

5.Select the Play button.

6.The game will load up a Beta 1.7.3 profile.

MultiMC Instance Installation Instructions (StationAPI)

  1. Download the MultiMC Instance from Github. Click on the "Code" button and select the "Download ZIP" option.
  2. Once the download is completed open the MultiMC launcher.
  3. Go to the "Add Instance" button (or right-click and select "Create Instance").
  4. Select "Import From ZIP".
  5. Browse for the downloaded MultiMC Instance to import it.
  6. Select "Ok" to import the profile and launch it.
  7. Add mods to the instance (including StationAPI as many mods will need it, similar to Fabric API).
  8. Launch the game. If it loads to the title screen the profile has loaded correctly.

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