Curse of Raining Toads

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Curse of Raining Toads

The Curse of Raining Toads is a curse added by Witchery. The Curse causes the weather to rain and Toads will begin falling from the sky. These Toads will explode into a poisonous, green mist after a period of time. A Voodoo Protection Poppet held by a nearby player will stop the curse. This can be prevented by the caster having a Cat Familiar, in which the victim must have two undamaged poppets to stop the curse.





Curse of Raining Toads

Rain poisonous toads. Coven of 1 or more.

> Attuned Stone (Charged)
> Redstone Soup
> Reek of Misfortune
> Toe of Frog
> Water Bucket
> Belladonna Flower

Altar power 8000

This requires a coven of at least one.

It must be activated using a Seer Stone on the heart glyph.