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ModDeep Resonance
Tooltip textThis machine will crystalize the liquid crystal from the tank below it and eventually produce a crystal
Max RF input200 RF/t
RF use20 RF/t
RF storage50,000 RF
This page is about the Crystalizer added by Deep Resonance. For other uses, see Crystallizer.

The Crystalizer is a machine added by Deep Resonance. It is used to turn Resonating Crystal Liquid into Resonating Crystals.

When placed above a Tank filled with RCL and provided with RF, it will consume 1 mB of RCL from it per tick, producing a fresh Resonating Crystal once 6,000 mB have been consumed (30 Resonating Ore in a Smelter). This makes the entire process take a total of 5 minutes and cost a total of 120,000 RF.

The produced Crystal will always have 100% Power, and its other attributes are determined by the attributes of the RCL used to make it.


Deep Resonance Manual entry

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The crystalizer needs to be placed on top of a tank filled with RCL. It will consume the liquid in that tank and form a crystal out of it. The crystalizer also needs power.
Deep Resonance Manual