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Crystal Scribing Tools

ModForbidden Magic
TC4 Aspects

The Crystal Scribing Tools are an item added by Forbidden Magic. They function similarly to Scribing Tools with an added feature: when it runs out of ink it will get an enchanted overlay. Right-clicking with it in the player's hand will give them a random number (between and including 1-9) of research points in each primal aspect and turn the Crystal Scribing Tools into ordinary Scribing Tools with no ink.


The shards can be mix-and-matched. This recipe is shapeless.

Thaumonomicon entry

The Crystal Scribing Tools are used in a Research Table in exactly the same manner as their mundane equivalent, and last for the same number of uses. Upon being depleted of ink (no remaining durability), the item will display a shimmering overlay similar to the one seen when an Enchantment is applied to a tool or piece of armour. Taking the depleted Crystal Scribing Tools out of the table and "using" them (right click whilst not facing a block or entity) will turn them back into regular Scribing Tools and grant the user a small number of Research Points from each of the six Primal Aspects. The number of points gained appears to be randomised, but seems to be approximately 1-9 points of each (further testing recommended); it always grants some for all six primal aspects, not just one at a time. Once the Research Points have been harvested from the depleted Crystal Scribing Tools, the regular Scribing Tools that replace them will likewise be depleted of ink and will need to be refilled or crafted into Crystal Scribing Tools anew.
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